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We created Elemental Foods Inc. to grow, make and share healthy food with our family, friends, colleagues and communities in Southeast Michigan.  Elemental Foods includes a 10 acre farm that is evolving through the use of biodynamic, permaculture and organic principles.  On the farm, we aim to find a balance between diverse production of fresh food and the natural processes that allow for long-term sustainability without the use of chemicals. In the kitchen, we combine naturally grown ingredients from our farm and region to make foods that will nourish your body and soul throughout the year.  When you purchase our products you are supporting local farmers and economy.  We think this is the best way to make our communities and food system healthier and more sustainable. 


We produce all our products according to three simple values. LocalSimple, and Natural


Local: Many of our products come directly from our farm in Mt. Morris, MI.  What we cannot grow ourselves, we source from local growers that are certified organic or use only natural growing methods.  There are so many dedicated and passionate food producers in Michigan and we strive to support the growth of this sector in every way possilbe. While our local food system is changing, there are still some ingredients that cannot be sourced locally.


Simple: The best food is simple.  When it is made fresh and of quality ingredients, why complicate it.


Natural: It is plants and variations of plant matter. Any more natural than that?


We hope our products and values contribute to creating a more sustainable food system. Toward that end, we love the opportunity to educate our community about healthy food, the food system, wellness, food preparation, and other related topics. 


If you have interest in working with us, please contact us at   

You can visit these locations to buy and/or eat our foods.


What we can't source off the farm, we source from other local sustainable companies.