Noodles are a staple food in many cultures around the globe and provide such nourishment.


Our Italian-style pasta is made with our eggs and freshly milled grain that is grown in Michigan. The pasta is silky, rich and nutrient dense.  It can be tossed with any seasonal vegetable or meat for a satisfying and delicious meal in minutes. 


Our Asian-influenced noodles include ramen (alkaline noodles), Udon, and we're experimenting with soba.  These noodles are made firm to be served with broth or chilled with dipping sauces. 


We're very proud to be offering a line of Gluten Free noodles made with our own blend of amaranth, teff and other flours. 

Please note that our Gluten Free noodles are produced in a facility and on equipment that also processes wheat products.




Gluten Free Pasta

Infused Pasta

Asian Noodles

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