The Elemental Foods Farm is located in Mt. Morris, Michigan on 10 acres.  Farm operations began in 2013 with the construction of the 30' x 96' passive solar hoophouse, which allows us to produce in all four seasons.  In 2016, we added a second hoop house 30' x 72'. In 2018, we added our third and last tunnel, a 30' x 96'. In cold months, we offer a nice mix of hearty greens like kale, spinach, lettuce, mustards, and other cold weather loving plants. Produce varieties will vary as we continue planting each season and we are looking forward to the garlic and shallots we started last year. We also we did a test run of 25 mushroom logs.  We can't wait to try the Shiitakes.  We will also be adding a third hoop before the end of the year. With the disastrous winter four years behind us, we're also hoping to see some nice apples this fall and get some young fruit trees in to grow with the old ones. 3 new peach trees have wintered well and we are looking forward to some fruit!


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#spinach is loving all this sun we are having